Change Location: Austin | Charlottesville

Doctor Strange


Oasis: Supersonic


Keeping up with the Joneses

11:00am 1:30p 3:50p 5:40p 6:40p 9:50p

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

11:15am 2:00p 4:40p 6:40p 7:20p 10:00p

In a Valley of Violence

10:50am 1:15p 4:20p 6:10p 9:30p 10:15p

Kevin Hart: What Now?

10:50am 1:10p 3:20p 8:00p 10:15p

The Accountant

10:50am 1:35p 3:45p 6:50p 8:00p 9:10p

The Girl on the Train

10:50am 1:30p 4:40p 7:20p 9:45p

The Magnificent Seven

10:50am 1:40p 4:30p 7:20p 8:45p
Reserved Seats

All seats for all shows are reserved and can be purchased at the cinema or online. To ensure that you will have a seat for your desired show, buy your ticket online. If you print out tickets at home, you can skip checking in at the counter and be ready when seating is announced.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are available and can be taken into the auditorium with you. Arriving NO LESS THAN 45 minutes early is advisable as it allows time to relax while your order is prepared. Please be aware that there is no in-theater wait staff. Auditorium chairs include custom-built retractable trays for in-theater dining convenience. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards available online or by visiting the Cinema. For online orders, please allow 5 business days to process.